PrimoGrano Sagne a Pezzi

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Primo grano meaning “first grain” in Italian, was the idea of pasta-maker Gianluigi Peduzzi, who wanted to bring back the flavors of authentic pasta made with 100% Abruzzo-grown wheat like those that his grandfather, Gaetano Sergiacomo, made at his mill in the town of Penne at the turn of the last century. Sagne a Pezzi, meaning "broken lasagne in pieces," is made in a similar fashion to Pizzichi, using a thin, curled lasagna die, then cut into squares about 1 inch in length. PrimoGrano has a soft, supple texture and the shape is quite amusing on the palate. Because of the quality of the grain, serve this pasta with extra virgin olive oil and minimal ingredients in order to enjoy and exalt its flavor. Ideal with just butter and Parmigiano. Cooking Time: 7-9 minutes.
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