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Meet the Founder

Cooking and eating delicious and nutritious food have always been a passion for Cindy. This led her to pursue a bachelor’s in dietetics where she was able to study not only the chemistry of food but also how our bodies process it. She went on to earn an MBA, helping her combine her love of both food and business.

After several years of being sidetracked with life, Cindy’s attention became refocused on nutrition when one of her dogs, Manny, became extremely ill. Her veterinarian prescribed many things, none of which helped. Out of desperation, she stopped everything and changed his diet to pure, unprocessed food she cooked herself and he quickly started getting significantly better.

Around the same time, Cindy also started getting sick with major digestive issues, body aches, fatigue, joint pain, and severe headaches. She was diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance. Then came the diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

All this trauma happening to her body and how her dog Manny got so much better by just changing his diet reopened her eyes to her Nutrition background. The toxins that were ingested simply through the food – highly processed, fast-food, gluten-free products with their own additives, foods treated with pesticides and genetically modified foods, etc.

Why now are so many people having this gluten issue, she wondered. She never had a problem growing up, her parents didn’t all their lives and neither did her grandparents. After doing extensive research, Cindy found that many people who could not digest American wheat could go to Europe and eat all the pasta and bread they wanted without any of the reactions they would get in the States. Through much effort she finally got her hands on some European flour and tried it out – low and behold no side effects, just felt great!

As a breast cancer survivor, Cindy knows it is going to be a lifelong journey to stay healthy. At the core of her journey is knowing what is going into her body and what is working to either help and heal or harm herself. Cindy hopes you will join her in this next phase of her life – discovering fun new recipes and lots of wonderful Manny’s Choice food products that are not only delicious but also very good for you!