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Frequently Asked Questions

Download Manny's Choice Italian Foods Brochure

Download Manny’s Choice Brochure

What is the difference between Manny’s Choice and other imported products?
Manny’s Choice products are made of grain grown and processed in Italy. Other products may say “Imported from Italy” and the company may have an association with Italy, but the products may be made with North American or Canadian flour.

I get sick from eating American flour. Will Manny’s Choice products make me sick?
Many people who get sick from American flour can eat Manny’s Choice products without any problems. The different agricultural practices, pesticides and refining processes may be a large part of the reason. Always consult your physician before changing your diet.

Do I need to add extra baking soda or anything to Manny’s Choice Flour when cooking?
For the majority of recipes it is an equal exchange. Manny’s Choice Flour is very versatile and can usually be an equal exchange for Pastry, Pizza, Bread and All Purpose flour.

Will Manny’s Choice Flour work for making bread or do I need special bread flour?
Manny’s Choice Flour is great for making bread, pastries, pizza and pretty much any baked good. It is a very versatile flour.

Do Manny’s Choice products have gluten in them?
Most, but not all, of Manny’s Choice products have gluten in them. See the next question.

Does Manny’s Choice offer any gluten free options?
Yes, for people who are true celiac, we do offer a few gluten free options. These products are still made in Italy and have all the wonderful nutritional elements, just without the gluten.

How do I get other types of products?
We want to know what products you are interested in. So if we don’t already offer it, please let us know what you would like through the Contact Us page.